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BLGP 100: Nethack, Tux Racer, Happy Anniversary

For our INCOMPREHENSIBLY ACTUALLY REAL AND NOT MISCOUNTED one hundredth episode of the best linux games podcast, this week we feature the very latest on the controversial tsunami surrounding the two best games available for the operating system... that's right: "Tux Racer," and the visuall,y stunning state-of-the-art VR-Enabled MMORPG, "Nethack." We also take a moment to thank all of our friends and listeners, take a moment to fire crack Engineer Ivor Molina live on the air and mid-broadcast, and - by the time all the dust settled from our coverage of these, the only two games available for the GNU/Linux general computing platform, and the only two titles released in the last twenty years that can make that claim - we somehow manage to squeeze in a little news item about some stupid gimmicky rip-off called "Steam" and take a good, healthy thirty seconds to laugh at its expense as it is certaintly doomed to complete failure and will never ever bring anything good to this, our beloved house that Torvalds, Stallman, Aho, Kernighan, and Wein-guy built. ALL THIS AND MUCH MORE! Happy One Hundredth Episode!

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Can't win if I suck, can't win if I kill them, can't make my teammates happy, can't make the opposition shut up, can't skate by being quiet, can't be listened to when I talk, can't whisper, can't yell, can't represent myself as nobody, can't represent myself as the critic behind bestlinuxgames, can't record through steam, can't be believed to run linux, can't explain, can't get by without NOT explaining (mkv/vid compression codec part), can't lose without being criticized for sucking and can't win without being accused of cheating, yes, truly , in this match: THERE IS NO FUCKING WAY FOR ME TO WIN! LOL! Enjoy the drunkenness!


BLGP Presents: CSGO 2016-03-18 NO WAY TO WIN

Galak-Z First Impressions

Super neat game borrowing from the best aspects in design, presentation, and controls from legendary space shooters past. This is raw raw first first impressions. 


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Our Video Review of this fabulous sidescrolling platformer that's pretty much unlike anything you've ever played before.


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It's got more than just potential... it's got sidescrolling, akimbo, pink-haired-chick 8-bit bullet-time...


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