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This Week's Episode:

BLGP 116: TIME TO DIE!!: Butcher, GoNNER, Nerd Reviewed

As we all settle into the normal rhythms of this new year, we thought it might be nice to show off our contemplative and sensitive side in this special episode we have lovingly entitled "TIME TO DIE!"
Embrace our lovingly handcrafted exploration of the gory, hopelessly nihilistic murder-void contained in THREE KILLER GAMES, stuffed full of mayhem, corpses, and more mayhem and STILL MORE corpses!!
Our slaughter safari comes with a remaining-lives-time guarantee to make your final moments vaporize in a screaming chorus of old-fashioned psychotic murder-festival of depraved, grotesque, delicious thrill-killing tornado of senseless violence and unspeakable inhuman savagery.

We review three (count em:P DIE DIE DIE) excellent, hellaciously graphic, outrageously creative, and horrendously copious corpse-creating carnivals of catastrophic carnage of the first order: "Butcher," "Angry Video Game Nerd II: ASSimilation," and "GoNNER," each for your murderous (and self-annihilating) depraved homicidal glee.

GOODBYE CRUEL TECHSNAP (ranty sad note):
Just a brief note to express our heartbreak at hearing the news that Chris Fisher and Allan Jude have decided to retire from hosting and producing their systems administration/network engineering/it security podcast, "TechSNAP." They're passing the hosting and production torch to a new team, so the show isn't going away, but Chris and Allan built that show, and dammit, it's been an invaluable and unparalleled beacon and exponent of FOSS and sysadmin/network engineering knowledge, clearly explained, astutely analyzed, explored in whatever depth is necessary to adequately tell the story (or explain the issue, etc.). No other program or podcast made real system administrators and those working in networking or systems design and deployment or any variety of technical, lonely, misunderstood, and isolating thankless difficult IT positions spoke to its audience using the same clear, totally unshy of the technical, smart voice of TechSNAP. In this sense, to me, it was my weekly appointment with the other people who know my job and are super smart and who will give me real technical explanations (but do so frequently in language and with a clarity and simplicity of organized thought that I could show segments to non techniocal girlfriends and they could easily understand)... and that's not even a tenth of why the show was so brilliant, so important, so invaluable, and such a wonderful creation...
I could go on and on (and might in a more formal open farewell letter, possibly posted as a column later this week), but Master Jude and ChrisLAS: Thanks so much for six wonderful years and hundreds of hours of the best, smartest, funniest, accurate, astute, and informative shows covering the *real* world of systems/network admin and engineering. "TechSNAP" stands without parallel as the finest program to cover such material, and its voice and tone and format and brilliance will be the high water mark that future programs will aspire to match, only to ultimately find that the ferocious brilliance of Jude's infallible cybernetic Canadian quantum-processing data-brain and Chris Fisher's spectacular, broadcast-strong (TV-grade, but even better, Internet compatible) hair were powerful, mostly pants-less, artifacts whose magical brilliance will never be rivaled by any IT contractor wandering the Internet without a clipboard and a sport coat. TechSNAP spoke with a great, pleasant, accurate, and brilliant voice that was a beacon extolling the virtues of computer science and IT using the real language to explain the real details until the concept could be really understood. In matters scientific, technical, as well as the news stories of the day, it explained without apologies and without compromise. Thanks guys: truly, you were the absolute best.

Here's one of my favorite clips from vintage TechSnap:

Episode Soundcloud: 





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