BLGP EP 189: Hyper Short, but Super Fun (Hyper Sentinel Review)

This week, we come blasting at you from the gaping maw of our adorative-time vacuum known as our new Prusa Original Mk3 Printer to bring you our review of "Hyper Sentinel," ("Star Force" meets "Astrosmash," meets "Zaxxon"... kind of). We also spare some time to cover 3 other titles: "Ovivo," "Wizard of Legend," and "Space God" (with mixed results, even in the early returns from initial, several-hours worth of playtesting).

We also welcome "Factorio" master, CaptainFord to Twitch. Watch this Dark Jedi lunatic build and design things that will make you shudder at:

THE COLUMN: Is delayed, but as ever, you can find it in its section at:

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