BLGP EP 234: CR4zE 4wEzume Violent Rad (Katana Zero, OFDP2, Cannoli 2)

Well, the Barr-redacted long-witheld Mueller Report was released yesterday, after one of the single weirdest pieces of kabuki press-conference ever, so this week, we match my mood (bewildered, frothy anger-crazy) with a selection of excellent 2D hyper-violent games ("Guns, Guts, and Cannoli 2," "Katana Zero," etc.). In news of interest to Linuxers who have love hate relationships with the service, we talk about a fantastic new method to exfiltrate your books from their site, liberating them from their DRM chains (and vendor lock-in). And we also take a moment to highlight the excellent "Supraland," discuss our plans for next week's LinuxFest Northwest, and much more in this enormous show!

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---Games Mentioned This Week (Proton):---
--openaudible (FOSS)
--Supraland (free demo available, $19.99)
--Guns, Gore and Cannoli 2 (-50% $6.49 through April 22nd)
--God's Trigger ($14.99)
--Katana ZERO ($14.99)
--One Finger Death Punch 2 (-25% $5.99 through April 22nd)
--Pathway ($15.99)
--Echo ($24.99)

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