BLGP EP 235: Linux Fest Northwest 2019

We recap the amazingly fun, awesome time we had this year's 20th Anniversay Linux Fest Northwest in glorious Bellingham WA 92 hours outside Seattle, in the utterly magical Pacific Northwest). We even spare a few loose seconds to mention some Linux games, but really just a cliffs notes-sized recap of our travelogue. ALSO, we take a moment to remember one of the truly greatest heroes of our glorious Revolution, Ian Murdock (the "Ian" part of "debIAN"). Cheers to everyone (old and new) we got to meet at the fest, and hope to see YOU there this time next year!

Happy Ian Murdock Day everyone!

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---Games Mentioned This Week (Proton):---
--Yuppie Psycho (-10% $14.99, through May 2nd)
--3030 Deathwar Redux ($14.99)
--Zombotron ($14.99)
--Strider (-70%, $4.49 through April 29th)
--Lost Planet (-80%, $2.99)
--Strider (-70%, $4.49 through April 29th)

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