BLGP EP 238: Rage 2 Review, New Proton 4.2 Beta

This week we assault you with all the news: new Proton 4.2 beta drops, offering significant improvements and changes, we get new icons (from, talk some Mordhau, Bethesda drops Denuvo, oh, and we also review the post-apocolyptic car combat insane murder festival that is the newly-released "Rage 2." All this and MOAR!

Episode 209: Our Anniversary Proton/Denuvo talk:

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---Games Mentioned This Week (Proton):---
--Rage 2 ($59.99-$79.99)
--Forager ($19.99)
--Sunset Overdrive ($19.99)
--Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice ($29.99)
--Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition (-75% off through May 20th @ $9.99)

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