BLGP EP 242: Liftoff, Goodbye ThinkGeek

This week: we mourn the absorption of beloved website and trove of perfect gifts, Thinkgeek into the Gamestop empire of irrelevant mediocrity (so jump on their site before July for their end of site liquidation sale). Then we talk about "Liftoff" and the super exciting world of FPV high speed drone racing and how it just might be the perfect choice for the "drone-curious." All this, plus 2 deals, including show favorite "Distance," which is half off through tomorrow, AND MOAR!

FPV Drone Racing (this is what it is; jump to 3:49 for just the insane racing):

The Ted Quad Talk:

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---Games Mentioned This Week (Proton):---
--Liftoff ($19.99)
--Distance (-50% through June 15th, $12.49)
--Hunt Showdown (Free to play weekend)

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