BLGP EP 250: ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL! Valve Index Rules! Ivor Speaks!

Our 250th Episode begins on a solemn note as we recognize the tragic shootings here in America last week (and the role games DIDN'T play in them), but then we are full bore Anniversary Episode Spectacular, talking about 4 of the best games for VR on the Valve Index ("Pavlov VR," "VRCHAT, and "Moss" chief among them), emphasizing why the Index's "knuckles" controllers are so awesome. Many thanks to all our listeners! TEN YEARS MAN! TEN YEARS!

Vids of this week:
--Pavlov Vr:
--Superhot VR Highlight Reel 2:
--Moss VR (an incomprehensible video)
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---Games Mentioned This Week (Proton):---
--Ark Genesis Season Pass ($34.99)
--Kindergarten 2 ($14.99)
--Wolfenstein: Youngblood ($29.99)
--valve index ($999)
--Pavlov VR ($9.99)
--VR Chat (free)
--Superhot VR ($24.99)
--Moss ($29.99)

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