Starbound IHC: Our Dedi Starbound Server

Server Credentials:

Server IP:

Port: 21025 (the default configured port for Starbound)

-Please feel free to try us out using our open guest account:

username: starboundihc

password: starboundihc

If you like the server and want us to set you up the bomb (or just give you your own legitimate login credentials) : either msg skookiesprite via steam or hit him up in-game and ask. Alternatively, you can get in touch with him on twitter (@Vegaswriter) if you have problems, concerns, or just want to jump into the game with us.


You'll need to subscribe to the workshop mods we use on the server, which include Frackin' Universe, which CANNOT BE UNDONE AFTER YOU'VE INSTALLED THE MOD, so please be awar... "FU" alters your current universe files in so many ways and adds so many diferent new and absolutel badass and-totally-worth-it items, crafting materials, quests, play mechanics, status effects, enemies, biomes, weapons, clothing, armor, farmables, and just metric tonnage of other wicked-pisser effing badically awesomeness that the changes it makes to your universe files on your computer can't be rolled back from.---YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED OF THE GLORIOUS AWESOMENESS THAT THIS MOD UNLEASHES ---

To see the complete list of all the mods we use on, simply visit our Steam collections page at:

You will need to subscribe to all of these mods in order to play on starboundihc. We do our damndest to keep this list as totally up-to-the-minute-accurate as possible, but certain mods are still trying to update to the post Starbound 1.1 weather effects and other changes, so occasionally something on this list may be temporarily disabled on the server as we wait for it to get it's shit together lol.

To subscribe to the Steam Workshop mods we use, simply click the mod name in the list, then on the mod's page, click the "subscribe" button near the top, or - alternatively - you can simply click on the "subscribe to all mods on page" button at the top of the collection page. Be sure to wait for all the mods to download through your Steam client, then restart Steam and try joining us in Starbound. If the game suddenly crashes after booting without an error message, that's kind of normal as Starbound reconfigures itself with the new, updated mods at start up and may require a quick restart the first time after updates are downloaded. 

Other client-side/user-game settings needed to join

In the in-game options for "Starbound," please make sure that the "allow asset mismatch" box is checked.

Tech Problems/Questions/Admin Contact//Supreme Overlord In Charge of ALL the SCIENCE:

Problems Connecting? Technical Questions? Need Help Merging Into the Cool Kids Super-Badass Ultra Rad Club?...

If you have problems joining the server or have questions about mods or just want to say "hi" to skookiesprite, please message him via steam or Twitter (@Vegaswriter) and he'll do his best to point you in the right direction or give you the low-down on the server's current is up and accepting connections - generally - 24/7, but since the 1.1 release, there have been occasional hiccups and downtime as auto updates on the client side make it occasionally necessary to manually update and reboot the server, etc.; no way around it, just the cost of playing online with a heavily modded and vibrant active excellent kick-ass community of super ultra geniuses (hopefully, most of whom have chosen to use their powers in the service of evil :p (starbound I Has The Craft), est. Sep. 2016




For Office Use Only:

frackin universe:


New Farmables - 733968776


better barren:

pay up rent:

weapon fusiom station:

augment slots for armor:

weapon stats:


fracken armor augs:

fracken perennial compat: